Avid Artist

If you are currently using the Avid Artist Mix and/or Control surfaces with Nuendo 7,

  • would you recommend it ?
  • are you encountering any problems / issues (stability, Eucon driver etc)?

I am thinking to retire my old (but trusty) HUI and I was wondering if I should go the Eucon route…

Mine’s Artist Mix here, might be getting a Transport as well soon.

  • Works seamlessly with Nuendo, setting it up is a piece of cake
  • Automation is tight, precise and miles above what MCP or a generic controller will do for you
  • Display is very readable, looks great
  • Faders, encoders an buttons are lovely to handle
  • The unit looks damn sexy
  • The faders are LOUD! Not as bad as e.g. the BCF2000, but too loud for the price, imho.
  • The EuCon application bugs the cr@p out of you when the unit is turned off or disconnected

That about sums up my experience to date (had mine for about 2 months now, had a JL Cooper before)

I have 2 Artist Mix and they are working great with N7 over here. Zero hassle.

I had a relativly tough transition from 6.5 to 7 with my MC Control. Eucon kept crashing and giving me an error message about not being able to find ExHUI.exe.

It continues to show up on every re-boot. I haven’t been able to figure this out yet. But It doesn’t seem to keep the unit from working.

Once I got the crashes sorted out , there was a period where the colors of all the tracks were greyed out. I don’t know why it happened or why it stopped. But after several re-boots concerning other issues, the colors went back to normal. So, now everything seems to be working as it should and I am finally back to work.