Avid Control app is everything IC Pro should have been

The new Avid Control app is out and it’s pretty amazing. Some may have noticed that I have been bugging the dev’s for well over a year that the IC Pro app and Nuendo’s colors don’t match. There have also been requests for things like surround panning, to no avail. Well, guess what? All of that and more is available in the FREE Avid control app plus the app is available for both Android and iOS. I’ve been playing with it and it’s pretty awesome plus it no longer appears to cause crashing in N8/N10. At this point I’d suggest to Steinberg that they just stop wasting resources developing IC Pro as Avid has thoroughly thrashed them in this endeavor. John

I had the old version and it was a bit unstable. I never knew if it would work or not. This one looks to be much better although the solo button doesn’t seem to be working. I’ll look deeper tomorrow as it could be a setting.

Seems the solo button activates “Listen” in Nuendo, I haven’t had time to see if it’s a setting or not.

I can’t get it to do anything in Cubase

it is a setting - in the eucontrol app - you can select solo or listen

Not quite.

My main use for iCPro is to permit musicians to set their own mixes on phones/tablets using the Cue Sends in Nuendo.

I can see that the overall level of each Cue Send can be set in the Avid Control app, but I can not see how each Cue Send mix can be adjusted individually on separate devices. This is accomplished in iCPro by selecting what tracks you want to view (All, Cue 1, Cue 2, Cue 3, Cue 4) - the app will then just display the relevant tracks. I can not see how this can be done with Avid Control.

EDIT: I’ve just looked at the AC user guide and, if I understand it correctly, it seems that if no Avid hardware (S1, S3) is being used only one phone/tablet can be used. This means that it is not possible for musicians to control their own separate mixes with this app. So, for me, iCPro lives on.

hi Chris

obviously everybody has their own usage requirements but I’m pretty sure you can use both ICpro and Avid control simultaneously. So artists can continue to set their cue mix levels in ICpro but you can use Avid control for your own remote mix - best of both worlds

Yes you are right. I was just pointing out that AC is not a complete replacement for iCPro, although it does many things better than the woefully out-of-date iCPro. It just can’t do the Cue Mix thing.

not a secret salesman for Avid honest :slight_smile:

Just a shame that SB don’t consider it worthwhile or cost effective to actually update IC Pro to be as good as Avid Control - most of their phone/tablet apps end up being abandonware

Thanks I’ve found it now

Hey Fender, do you know if there is also a way to only display the cue view? Don’t want my clients to fiddle around with my project settings.

A remote device can not be restricted to show ONLY a selected Cue view, so it is feasible for someone to mess with the main mix if they were to change the settings on their device.

A fix for this has been requested for years and has been ignored by Steinberg for years.

Despite this, the Cue mix facility in ICPro is very useful for providing musicians/singers (and drummers) with the ability to set up their own headphone mixes.

Oh okay. Such a pity.
Well Reaper solved this perfectly. It works basically like Cubase IC Pro (a web server) on which you access by using a browser (doesn’t matter if Android/Pc/OS). On login you select which CUE mix is yours and then only tracks which are sent to your CUE mix will be displayed. Then you can mute them or change the volume.
This way the artist can concentrate on a limited number of tracks without being distracted by all the (audio) tracks you have in your project.
Also the artist has only access to the CUE mix and cannot see or change other stuff.
Hopefully Steinberg realizes what a gamechanger this could be for studios.

That is what Steinberg should have done, but they ignored all the requests. Disgraceful really. Now others are showing them how things should be done.

So I got it right and Steinberg abandoned this project?
They could at least open the index.html to the community so we could try to tweak the view ourselves… in the end its just a web page so that should be possible.
I don’t care about iOS/Android apps as long as it works in a browser.

I cannot get cc data recorded when using the controls on my tablet in AC, even though the cc is visible and hearable changing in cubase during the recording session. When stopping the recording, the automation is being removed from the track. Any idea why?