AVID DOCK with Cubase - Advice & comments wanted

I’m considering ditching my Avid MC Transport and Artist Control combo and going for Avid’s Dock and an Artist Mix combo instead. This new setup would give me an extra 4 faders with just about the same space I currently have on my desktop for the MC Transport/Artist Control combo. I like what I can do with my Artist Control & Transport combo, but would think that the Dock/iPad would do even better… and hopefully more. I’m hoping someone else has switched to the Dock with Cubase and would care to comment.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Not one person here has the Avid Dock? I guess I’ll have to buy blindly and just send it back if it soesn’t work out well.

Did you ever get the Avid dock? Having the same thoughts on switching from MC Control to the dock.

Unfortunately I chickened out. I cannot find anyone who has done so and didn’t want to be the guinea pig. LOL

I was looking to expand my MC Control to include the Transport but couldn’t find one, not even second hand. I love my mc control but the jog wheel is too small and flush for me.

I’ve been looking at options and asked myself the same question about the dock.

Looks like someone got the dock working with C9

Here’s the link to the thread. https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=112991

Would be interested to know of others experience