Avid EUCON control (App) - Impressions from MCU user (+Questions)

As a longtime Mackie (MCU) user i thought i’d take a look at the EUCON controllers and saw that Avid have a free ipad app, so gave it a try last night.

All i can say is Wow! That’s some great integration, really interested in getting a hardware controller now for real fader/rotary controls - but will use this app for a month to see how efficient it can be as a longterm replacement.

Firstly, anyone using Mackie gear, you really should give the app a try and see what the integration is like, it’s totally free and you only need to register with Avid to download the EUCON software driver. I had no idea how well integrated it was with Cubase/Nuendo.

Secondly, i have a few issues and wondered if anyone has a solution(s):-

  1. Sometimes the VSTi push button doesn’t show, meaning i can’t control VST instruments - is this a known bug?
  2. I can adjust insert plugins, and i can swap out existing inserts, but i can’t ADD new inserts to a track - is there a way to do this?
  3. Low/High cuts on the EQ, is this possible to control?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help on the above. ^^.

Also, one other question, anyone know if the Euphonix MC Control be used totally on it’s own with Cubase. (The one with 4 faders and the screen)
I’m asking as it seems to be sold as an extension, but i love the concept of the touchscreen and hardware controls being on one unit. But not sure how it would translate with only 4 faders. (i.e. can you bank in lots of 4?)

The Artist Control has been out of production for a long time. I suspect they discontinued it because of problems with the touch screen, which was a common source of complaint. So, I’d be hesitant to recommend it because of that problem. If you like the touch screen, check out the new S1, or the Dock model.

I’ve been using Avid Control for some years, never had any problems with touch screen or anythinemse with it!