AVID EuControl 3.2 released


As per AVID homepage, there is a new release for the EuControl available.
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Various bugfixes are named.

EuControl 3.2

EuControl is an application that runs Artist Control, Artist Mix, Artist Transport, Artist Color, and Avid S3 media controllers and communicates with your software applications. This package installs EuControl and other necessary software. EuControl supports one Artist Control, one Artist Transport, one Artist Color, and up to four Artist Mixes. Or, up to one S3 with one Artist Transport.

What’s New
Various connectivity, reliability and Pro Tools operational improvements
Support for Avid S3 control surface
“Restart EUCON Applications” option available from ‘E’ menu to quickly restart EUCON applications if connectivity issues are encountered
Improves connectivity by requiring Network Interface selection
Improves connection reliability by detecting when selected Network Interface is not available
Fixes additional App Nap issues on Mac 10.9
Fixes multiple potential crash scenarios
Fixes issue with EuControl preventing Mac from shutting down
Pressing SHIFT + Rec (A) now properly cycles through automation modes
HPF and LPF controls now appear in correct order for EQ knob set
On Artist Control, keyboard “Shift” modifier no longer interferes with pressing knob display area on the sides of the touchscreen
Attentioned channel no longer cycles through all selected Pro Tools tracks when selecting multiple tracks
Attentioned channel no longer becomes blank if the selected track is hidden
VCA name as assigned in Pro Tools now appears in EuControl Settings > Layout Page
DAW no longer fails to populate surfaces on power on of workstation computer
OS Compatibility
Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8.x 64-bit
Mac OS 10.8.5
Mac OS 10.9.3, 10.9.4
AvidS3 users

In order to use the built-in AVB audio interface, Avid S3 must first be enabled in Audio MIDI Setup>Network Device Browser. Mac OS X 10.9 and higher is required. If using Pro Tools 11.2.1 or earlier, please download and install the appropriate Pro Tools XML.

Checked, following problems

  1. Error, something with Ethernet adapter not available :question:
  2. After struggeling around, it’s working, but…
    ==>> SHFT+Fader on Artist MIX still does not work… :smiling_imp:
    Roll-back to 2.7.1
    Could be of interest :unamused: