Avid/Euphonix Rotary Encoders

I’m having a problem with the rotary encoders for panning - panning is ‘scratchy’ for lack of a better explanation. Performance in PT9 is smooth on the same machine. Also smooth with N5 on my MacBook. But, on my main W7 machine panning is not smooth with N5. I end up using the mouse for fine adjustments. When you pan on the MC Mix and Control I can never get small increments - it either jumps or doesn’t move, etc, etc. :confused:

Anyone having a similar problem?


Do you have any problems with any of the other encoders?

I have an MC control, LR pan always defaults to the same knob.

Try a surround panner, see if you have issues with any of the other panning options with your unit.

Defaults are the same here… Same issue when panning in surround.

Let me explain further…

If I pan slowly (on any track), Nuendo doesn’t read the slow movement of the encoder. It only reacts to faster and bolder moves on the Control and the Mix. Fast left and right - no problem.

But, if I pan slowly to the left, for example, it reads: -1, -2, no movement, then jump to -10… etc, etc…

I have installed PT9 on the same machine for file transfers and the units work perfectly. Smooth, sensitive panning. For some reason it is only Nuendo on the PC. The Nuendo install on my MacBook Pro also works as it should.

Everything else works correctly - faders, transport, scrub…

This is really frustrating, as you can imagine.

That does suck

I’m trying it here… win7 eucon 2.6, latest firmware…

Same behavior, never noticed that before… well, never looked at the numbers while I panned.

All my moving pans are done the with touch screen or manually with mouse if they need to be precise.

In the meantime while nobody fixes this issue…

You can get some decent slow moves by rocking your finger on the touch screen surround panner… doesn’t have to be a surround track it will still work.

Hey Kid Dropper,

Thanks for the replies - much appreciated.

Yep, it does suck. I hope we get a fix for this soon. At least I know someone else out there is experiencing the same thing.

Anyone from Steinberg care to comment? Please guys, some info would be appreciated. :question:


Thanks for the update guys, but the panning is still ‘scratchy’ with the new Eucon adapter and N5.5 :cry:


same thing here with MC Control on N5.1.1 on PC.
It’s just not usable this way, which is a shame. Does anyone have a setup that works fine on PC? Any special settings?

Yeah I too have this issue with the crappy response of the rotary encoders with Nuendo on windows…I am pretty sure that PT on the same machine is fine…

Can you hurry up and fix this SB!!! Over it!

TImo, Fredo - any news on this?

Hi Guys,

are you guys still experiencing this after upgrading to EuCon 2.6.1?
I have just verified this on Cubase 6.0.3 and MC Pro under EuCon 2.6.1. The Panning works just fine here, on Win7 32-bit.


Yip, still the same problem here…

I just tried this out on the MC Mix (under EuCon 2.6.1) with Cubase 6.0.3 as well as Nuendo 5.5. The pan works just fine here. (You are referring to the channel stereo pan, right?)
One tiny difference I notice here when compare to the MC Pro encoder is that, the Artist device seems to have some sort of encoder rotation speed handling on their knobs. With that, turning the knob quickly with the same delta would yield a higher change when compared to turning the knob slowly. Despite all this, I can still achieve a step-wise adjustment without much hustles.

By any chance, have you forgotten to update the firmware on your MC Control?


Brand new Avid Artist Mix here - same issue. Precise panning is totally impossible (using N4 on Win7 - so it’s not N5 that’s the issue).

So far, my experience with the Artist Mix has been astoundingly bad for a device that costs over a grand.

I’m thinking of returning it. I don’t think Euphonix has the chops for this one.

Still the same problem here - with all firmware, software, etc, updates :cry:

Still having the same problem with ver.2.62 :frowning:

First production in N5.5 with artist mix -> noticing the same issue.

No feedback on this?

Yep the encoders still suck balls in Nuendo for me :frowning:
They work perfectly in Protools 9 on the same system.
You can do better on the eucon adapter Steinberg, or maybe even acknowledge the issue as a nice start…

Hey guys,

After some communications with Avid, we are able to reproduce this strange behavior on some of our systems here (after trying this on different ones). For some reasons, this seems to be obvious only when running Cubase 32-bit on a 64-bit platform, but not observable when running in the native mode (32 on 32, 64 on 64, etc).

Meanwhile, the good news is that, this issue has been addressed :smiley: . So, please kindly wait for for the upcoming maintenance release, thanks!


Fantastic news! Does this mean only an update of Eucon or a complete Nuendo hotfix package?

Brilliant! Can’t wait!