AVID HDX hardware and N13, Mac M1

Hi Nuendo people!
I am pulling my hair out trying to get sound out one of my Nuendo machines, through an AVID HDX card in a Sonnett Pcie box. It works fine with PT.
Nuendo sees the HDX driver and the 64 i/o, and is happy in Play with meters showing audio. But nothing at all on the HDX outputs.

We have Intel Mac Pros in another studio that work fine with Nuendo + HDX or HD Native hardware.

The Core audio does not pass through either (ie. Youtube video with OS sound ). Mac Studio is running Monterey. Both N12 and N13 do not get audio out.

Any ideas?

Just replaced the SSL Delta Link MADI we have with the HD MADI on the recorder machine, and now it seems to work.
So the HDX cards work with the Delta Link devices in ProTools, but not in Core Audio? I had never come across this.

Even crazier (than me talking to myself here), we just plugged them back into the SSL Delta Links and now it works.

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Computing has its ghosts…

Seriously, it may be a story of sequences, but systems sometimes, especially with network functions, also take a while to get the communications links right. Behind the scenes is so complex…

And after reboot… Nope.