Avid S1 not following main Mixer?

I am sure this was working, when I show only some track and you see the mixer follow the arrange window , I need my Avid S1s to follow and show only what fader I see in my main mixer ?

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Not possible I think. Eucon won’t “respect” hidden tracks in Nuendo/Cubase. Longstanding issue.

If you work with templates, and layouts on the s1, and especially if you’re using a tablet, then there are ways to be maybe a bit more productive in terms of how you access some of your tracks.

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thats odd I thought it was working a while ago but now stopped ! dam

It follows disabled tracks but not hidden ones, perhaps you mixed them up?

That’s bad news . I love the show between markers ,but with S1 show everything you can’t find anything

OK first off sorry for bad video . but this morning it’s working . I have just done an update , but I am sure it was working a while ago when I started with Cubase in Dec 2022

So I just opened the Project I was working on , and S1 is not following the main mixer and Hidden tracks! there must be a setting in Cubase ???

So after keeping a eye on this all day today , it seem that the Eucon software crashed some how , but only to the point where hidden tracks and mixer changes stop happening on the S1 , you can still move fader and mute etc , but the sync with the mixer stops . gutted as its an amazing system and today was an updated so problem not fixed

Is it this:


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Since a few weeks I’m noticing that Cubase and/or Eucon “forget” this setting (“Mirror MixConsole Channel Visibility”).

The workaround I’m using at the moment is open studio setup → uncheck the box → apply → check the box → apply → ok → carry on.

A little annoying but workable.


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OK great , thanks . I think my problem is massive track count which Eucon doesn’t seem to like . but I am going to keep a look out for this setting dropping and also send an Avid bug report

OK this could be good news for me . after un checking and re checking , I have just worked 12 hours with a 500 Track Project and Eucon hasn’t dropped once! even my Avid iPad app hasn’t quit all day

how often is your needing a re set ?

Could I ask if you also use the IPad app ? I and finding it freezes 2/3 times a day , quit and re open and it’s fine . Seems to be connected to high track count ,

I use a Fire HD on Win 11 Pro, no freezes. Only thing is that if the tablet isn’t on and the app loaded once I boot the computer it won’t show up in the EuCon software on Windows and then I just restart the EuCon on Windows and it shows up.

But no freezes.

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Okay thanks for the update, I’m using Mac and iPad Pro 12, but I do have some Huawei tablets which are used to use for metering on the S1. I’ve also had them freeze. I wonder if it’s a Mac thing

Do you notice it on the iPad stop tracking which tracks you select, swipe up to remove and reopen the app and it’s back

I can’t be sure if it’s selecting group tracks for just huge track accounts which I’m constantly using show between locate a function when I’m working