Avoid Tools for MR to control MR816csx

Hi all!

I’ve got two interfaces an RME Multiface 2 and an MR816csx. When I run my Nuendo with my Multiface the Tools for MR take control over the MR816 even when the MR816 is not selected as the interface in Nuendo.

Can I switch it off and use the MR Editor instead?

That would be usefull when I use the MR816 only connecte to the Multiface via ADAT.

Thanks for helping me out!


This is your ONLY option with this:

  1. Run the Tools Installer and run the Extension Uninstaller from there. You will lose direct integration with Cubase or Nuendo BUT you can then freely run the MR Console with ANY App. Thats what I do here since that extension loads up and there is NO WAY to just software disable it.

Ah, ok - that’s not exactly what I hoped to find. But well - than I have do deal with it.

Thanks shanabit!