AVOX CHOIR induces latency in audio

Hi, I know this is probably not a Cubase related issue but I don’t have enough karma to ask on Reddit forums and stuff so my question is, why is it that applying avox choir on tracks (I have mostly noticed in vocal) induces some latency on that vocal.
I recently noticed it on my track but clients had complained to me prior but I didn’t really notice it cause the latency is about a millisecond and I couldn’t pick it up. But using it on my own track today and I just caught it. Is there anyone else aware of this issue, is there a better plugin suggestion, does anyone have a fix? (Other than reappropriating the vocal after putting on the plugin?"


Does the plug-in induce latency during recording (or when the Record Enable or Monitor button is enabled), or while playback? If it’s the 1st case, then this works as expected. Most plug-ins need time to process when in the “live” mode.

If the buttons are disabled, Cubase compensates the latency automatically and all tracks are perfectly in sync.

It happens during playback. It also prints into the audio. What can I do? I am not sure if my record enable buttons are on but I will check. Any other solutions?