Axe fx3 reamping with cubase 13 & RME

Hey guys my setup basically consists of Cubase 13 , axe fx3 and rme ucx audio interface I’m trying to reamp my Di guitars does anyone know how to do this on axe fx3 and if so can they post me a video of it or shpw step by step?

I would ideally like to record the DI (dry) & the wet signal at the same time.

Im on M1 macbook

I use an FM9
First on your Axe FX preset you need to have a “Input USB” block
I would just temperaily swap out your “Input 1” while you reamp.
Now in cubase change your cubase audio device to the Axe FX (if you are on windows you will need a driver installed but not on a Mac)

Now press F4 to open up your cubase connections.
You want to go to outputs and add in a (probably mono?) output to OUT 7 (In U Block L)
set your DI track to output to that and now with cubase 13 it’s easier to just record that track that’s being revamped into a new one.

If you have trouble like not being able to hear the revamped signal then just make sure you haven’t got your OUT 7 bus muted.

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My next question is now how do I split the signal everytime I record guitar?
so for example I press record , start playing the guitar, and I record BOTH the DI signal AND the processed signal?

Heres a video that pretty much answers it incase anyone else runs into the same problem in the future;;

If you reaping multiple tracks at the same time then personally I would at least have them use their own Amp block and Cab Block.
You can of course send in 2 mono DI tracks, ramp them and record the result into their own separate tracks quite easily.

Thanks man and last question: how do you usually go about recording & splitting the signal>?
i.e. I want to record both the DI & the wet amped signal in 2 different tracks that are armed

Quite Simply You can record up to 4 mono tracks plus 2 DI signals.
You could mix that up and say you could record two guitar players in the same Axe FX at the same time, in stereo with their dry signals.
Or you could say Record yourself in mono, then record a stereo delay to a stereo track plus a DI signal. it’s really up to you.
Just use the various outputs from the Axe FX (setting it up usually in Axe Edit right?)

To answer more specifically I would take your stereo or a mono output from the Axe FX and record that into a stereo or mono track in cubase. (F4 to set up your inputs)
I would then take a mono track from input 5 or 6 (instr) and record that to a separate mono track in Cubase, that will be where you get your dry signal.

Give it a go and experiment.

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OK for anyone in the future that bumps into this I found how :
you need to connect via 1/4inch cable (TRS) from OUTPUT 3 of your Axe FX 3 to INPUT 5/6 of your RME UCX.
output 3 on Axe Edit you need to have “Copy Input 1” as “On”