Axe I/O One

I’ve just bought a Axe I/O One and can’t change the buffer size.
On the Axe I/O One the buffer setting window is greyed out.
Cubase Manual says that the Axe I/O One software should dictate the buffer.
Any Ideas please ?
As a footnote my Native Instruments KA 6 works fine and has the option to change the buffer size.


Open the Control Panel from Cubase, please.

Hi Martin,
I can’t see anywhere to change the buffer.
I can see the latency values etc but not buffer


Open Studio > Studio Setup > the item bellow the Audio System > Control Panel, please. Change the Buffer Size here.

Hi Martin,
Thanks for the help.
How i have got this to work was,
Axe I/O One application file, set up in properties, comptability, as a permanent administrator for everyone who uses the pc.

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