Axiom Pro/ Cubase 8.5... no HyperControl

Question… I’ve been using my M-Audio Axiom Pros (61 & 25) in HyperControl mode with Cubase 8.0.x and earlier with no issues. Recently I updated to Cubase 8.5 (Mac Yosemite OS), and now it doesn’t show in the Devices list. Curious if others are experiencing this, if 8.5 has done away with support for the Axiom Pro, etc. It’s class-compliant, so no drivers needed. I appreciate any help possible… thanks in advance!

I am not sure if Cubase 8.5 creates a new directory but, if it does, you would need to copy the HyperControl.dll file to the “Components” folder under the Steinberg/Cubase, etc. directory.

Hey, thanks for the reply… I’m on a Mac, so there’s no driver/ dll. It works perfectly on my Cubase 8, but can’t get it to recognize on 8.5. So strange. :frowning:

I’m having the same problem trying to get my Axiom 61 to work with Cubase 8.5 in Windows 7. I 've downloaded/ installed the relevant Cubase drivers from the M Audio site, I can see the Axiom 61 (and have selected it) in the midi input section under ‘Generic Remote’ (Devices menu), but it’s still not working/ triggering sounds when I play the keyboard. Where can I download this Hypercontrol.dll file that you speak of?