Axiom Pro in Cubase 7.5 Please help

Hi eveyone

So, I had cubase 7.06 on windows 7 working fine with my axiom pro 49.

I had to update my windows to 8.1 and so I also updated cubase to 7.5, alas my axiom pro no longer works.

I believe I have set everything up correctly, my axiom pro’s drivers are fine under windows 8.1, they show up nicely in the control panel, and to clarify, I did not install the windows 7 driver version. Although I did install cubase personality 1.1.6. I moved the components into the 7.5 components folder. I have setup the axiom pro in the midi device setup with hypercontrol in/out set. It shows in my midi post BUT hypercontrol for some reason shows INACTIVE on the OUT port. I also have mdid through engaged in the preferences panel.

Now the + and - keys work as zoom in and out, and the record button and loop buttons work and 3 will open up my mixer, but nothing else works.

I have also done a factory reset of the axiom pro itself.

Please does anyone have any ideas? or can you see or suggest something I have missed.

I am about to go nuts.



My issue was I had my axiom pro in a usb 3 port. Only plug your controller in a USB 2.0, feel free to ask me anything if you are having trouble

I have Axiom Pro61 (Cubase 6.5 - Win7 64bit) and I don’t understand how to use konbs (E1-E8) to control some instrument fx, like Nexus, some Kontakt instruments etc… works only PAN function for one track separately?
Is there somewhere presets for complete control of the instrument with Axiom?
Thanks in advanced…