I wish one day steinberg will make a little AXR4
maybe named AXR2 card

Please :ugeek:

Ahah, it’s funny that I came here to ask exactly the same thing, and this the very first post in the forum!

But yeah, please Steinberg, can you make a smaller, desk-friendlier, version of the AXR4?


perfect combo

AXR2 - usb4/c and T3, 32bit, neve pre

or a new full audio card with fader/controller named NANO NUAGE - new cc121 controller

come on…
thankx :sunglasses:

I hope in 2021 we have new baby AXR2 and maybe nano Nuage controller
Merry Christams

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Ditto this, a desktop unit like the UR28M, but with AXR capabilities, and talkback mic would be nice. Arturia, Antelope have such units…

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Yes Yamaha/Steinberg should take their lead from the Lynx Audio Engineering model and their converter line. I bought Lynx Aurora because of the continuous support for the changing interface standards. Firewire to USB to Thunderbolt - Dante – next?
Their earnings were in the interface cards for their models. Plus customer retention.
And for me I didn’t have to keep rewiring the home studio.

I would have thought the AXR4 build should allow new daughterboard cards as it started with TB with USB version shortly after.

Now we need TB3/USBC to keep in step with companies like Apple on the Mac front and Motherboard developers on PCs. Its not that audio needs the speed its simply the simplicity of a single cable.

Adapters are only stop gaps / messy and disproportionately costly. ie £100 for 2. x TB to TB3 conversion is daft.