AXR4 AES/EBU Issue - No signal thru D-sub

We are setting up a new setup for our mastering and we want to use AXR4 as one unit for distribute audio. The setup is this:
RME Internal card in a PC, the HDSP AES The out 1-2 monitor controller 3-4 will go out AES to AES D-sub to AXR4. We will use a Rosendahl external clock. All units looked with the extWC, looks good.

But we can’t get any audio in to the AXR4 thru the AES D-sub connector.
We have tried all seetings. on both side of RME DSP Settings and the AXR4 Settings.

Any ideas, thanks, Best regards / Maxe - Pama Studios

Did you find the answer to this? Asking as I seem to now be experiencing a similar issue on digital inputs. Tested via hardwired digital looping on the AES digital breakout cable using dsub.

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Hi Dave!
I can go back to testing this with you, but I need to update me on this station (we have several studios).

Let me check and let’s sort this out, best /Maxe