AXR4 discontinued?

Has the AXR4 interface been discontinued?

The AKM factory is up and running after the fire, i believe, but the AK5397EQ chip is on their “end of life” list… :worried:


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Not officially, but it’s no longer listed on any of the websites of the major UK retailers.

It would be nice if Steinberg made a statement as to what is happening, rather than just ignoring the subject.


I would like to know about this too DV247 looks to be getting some in stock tho.


This morning i have the information, the axr is on the end. I would buy one, but no drivers update is a problem with windows.


Hi, Benbassist, where did you see this?


It was about a month ago but they never said they got any stock.

I talked to a Steinberg guy at the Tonmeister-Tagung in Duesseldorf two days ago. He told me that the AXR4 is discontinued due to chip shortage issues. He could not tell me if there will be some replacement, because it’s Yamaha’s task to build the hardware…

It’s a bit funny that the AXR4 is still advertised on the homepage, but if you click on “find dealer”, you only get links to dealers that do not list the AXR4 anymore (at least dealers in Germany).

The guy from Steinberg also mentioned that there will be a 10 year support of the interface - whatever this means in detail…

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Thanks for the update. I wish I had picked one up sooner!