AXR4 integration in Cubase OR Control Room functionality

Why would Steinberg designers make AXR4 users have to make the the choice between AXR4 integration in Cubase OR Control Room functionality??

This makes absolutely no sense?


Do you mean that you can’t use the control room at all when using running the AXR in Cubase or do you mean the functionality of the integration of the AXR features?

I ordered one and this makes me a little nervous.

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Sorry for the delay,

I mean that you can use AXR4 as an interface using it’s external mixer outside of Cubase, but if you want AXR4 to integrate into Cubase mixer then you can’t use the Control Room.


you can’t use the control room in cubase? that makes no sense. it’s part of cubase software.


I can use both with the AXR4.

I’ve just got an AXR4U to test and it does seem that you can’t use the control room and have AXR functionality in Cubase like the OP states.

To get the AXR hardware panel in the track inspector you HAVE to have the ‘outputs’ set to the AXR which means you then cannot use them in the control room.

Could you explain how you get round this?


I use some of the AXR outs for my outputs and others with the control room. I see what you’re saying now and that is correct that you can’t do both. But i delegate some for the purpose of the control room and others for the outputs. I also have an 8 channel Rosetta so I guess for me there’s enough to go around.And then you also the B outputs if you have AES ins and outs with your pre-amps.

But I do understand what you are saying now and, yes, you can’t use the AXR for both. But I thought that this is the case for everything, not just the AXR, that the Control Room “steals” whatever outputs you assign to it.

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well, with the MR816 and UR824 I have you don’t use outputs when using the control room and have everything assigned in the control room/Studio, I have keyboard short cuts assigned for switching my monitors and mono/stereo etc, works like the center of a console,like it’s supposed to :smiley:

what happens to cue mixes, reverb etc if you have to use a different output for the control room to the main monitor outputs? as far as I can see there’s only 4 DAW mixes and obviously you want all your sets of monitors to have the same DAW mix.

(Edit) OK, I’ve just tried this and as long as you have one set of outputs active then it seems to work OK, doesn’t matter which ones. Strange, I wonder if this is a bug and will be fixed? Thanks for the replay though. i will investigate further:D


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Hi Norbury, I just came across this post from months back. I was thinking of an AXR4.

I usually have everything set to no output in the OUTPUT section of Cubase, then in Control Room I have the monitors set to my interface, and have a Cue Send that my main reference track is routed to. This way I can flip back and forth between them while mixing. Would I still be able to do this with this interface? On the surface it appears not, but then I read you can get around it? Thanks much!