AXR4 Mixer Remote Control

It would be wonderful to be able to remote control the AXR4 mixer.
Is there a way to do this?

I believe what we’re both after is the DspMixFx Remote Bridge which would allow control of the interface via tablet or phone over wifi/network. I’ve been hoping that Steinberg would implement this on the AXR4 for most of the year, but I didn’t even receive a reply to my original enquiry about it in June. Such is the nature of their support for their flagship hardware.

Ironically they have a DspMixFx remote bridge available for their entry level UR-C range, but not for their flagship AXR4. Very disappointing and somewhat ridiculous that top paying customers have to beg for features that are already implemented on their entry level products.

Agree, this become really necessary when using the device not actively connected to a PC.

You can load different profiles and amend the input channels from the hardware, but not alter the balance of the monitored inputs, which seems insane.

Please make this happen!