AXR4 Stacking - Units not always connecteded


I have added a second AXR4T to my system but i am struggling to get the units to connect. one will always connect but the second unit rarely connects.

When they both connect everything works fine, but shut down at the end of the day, start-up the next day and it’s hit and miss if both units will connect. The connectivity is totally random.

These are two AXR4T on a windows 10 system. Both with V1.20 firmware and V121 Tools.

I have also tried every combination of start-up strategies but regardless connectivity is hit and miss.

How do you have the units connected?

Hi Kewk,

Thank you for your response, i have the units connected in daisy chain arrangement as shown in the manual.

That said, I have tried all variations of connectivity to see if any of them work. Even though my Thunderbolt Control Centre says both units are connected, the Yamaha / Steinberg Thunderbolt Driver and the Windows Device Manager only shows one unit connected.

i’m at a loss.