AXR4T and Windows 11 (with Thunderbolt interface card) + C12

Hi, I went through the forum backwards, found a couple of simillar topics (which lead me to the right way I have to say) but I was missing some more “nowadays” info about the running ý stability of the combination AXR4T upon Windows 11 and connected via Thunderbolt interface card (it shall be probably “GC-TITAN RIDGE (rev. 2.0)”. The AXR4U version had been ended as far as I know from the dealer here so that is why I am checking the “T” version ability to run upon my system.

  • can someone confirm this combination is OK, running well and without any basic problems in functionality?
  • is there any other Thunderbolt card alternative suitable for W11 and AXR4T?
  • the GC card is Thunderbolt 3. According to the AXR4T manual - do I need the T3 > T2 reduction (notice on Pg 6) and Mini DP cable or do I have to use Thunderbolt 2 cable from Apple to maintain correct work? EDIT: as far as I have found the miniDP is not the same as Thunderbolt 2 so it means I have to use Thunderbolt 2 (=Apple) cable.

Many thanx for any answer which may lead me to the final direction :slight_smile:
Regards, Pavel

EDIT: And what about slightly newer GC-MAPLE RIDGE Thunderbolt card which has Thunderbolt 4 ports - the same question related to compatibility as above… Thnx.

So finally I decided to forget the Thunderbolt version upon Windows. But due to my big sympathy to the Steinberg HW I would have a question to the Steinberg team (mainly): what about the future support for AXR4U? I found the possibiity to buy some from stocks of Germany shops so what about reliability (I cannot read here anything wrong related to this unit) and operation possibiities nowadays and in the future?

Many thanx for the answers and kind regards!