AXR4T Conversion mode: 'Linear' or 'Short Delay'

Hi all,

In the General Settings window of the AXR4T you can choose between conversion modes: ‘Linear’ or ‘Short Delay’. Is there any technical data or technical explanation for these modes?

Intuitively I have to compare them to Linear Phase vs zero latency EQ’s. The short delay mode seems more punchy in the lows and brighter in the highs. I just don’t understand why EQ processes would be applicable to conversion modes. But that might just be my limited knowledge on the subject.

Are there any other users that can confirm the differences in sonic properties between the modes? Or are there any developers that can give some technical information?

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Surely someone can shed some light on this topic? :slight_smile:

Mi e stato comunicato che l`aggiornamento del driver arriverà alla fine di ottobre boooo? Speriamo bene