AXR4T. - Interface board swap

I saw a discussion about Steinberg intending to offer a user installable interface board change on the Thunderbolt version of the AXR4 allowing the Thunderbolt 2 connectors to be replaced with USB3C connectors. This seems viable given the tech specs of data throughput of Thunderbolt2 and USB3c.

Has anyone heard anything about such a possibility?

Can’t remember where I saw the discussion.


It’s about time they offered an optional card to change the connection.
I have the USB version and now I need more inputs and outputs, and I have no solution, except to sell it and forget about this company’s interfaces forever.
It’s also a big bummer that the AES/EBU connector is not standard wired, but Yamaha standard, and I have to waste a lot of time rewiring my AES/EBU cables.

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