AXR4T. - Interface board swap

I saw a discussion about Steinberg intending to offer a user installable interface board change on the Thunderbolt version of the AXR4 allowing the Thunderbolt 2 connectors to be replaced with USB3C connectors. This seems viable given the tech specs of data throughput of Thunderbolt2 and USB3c.

Has anyone heard anything about such a possibility?

Can’t remember where I saw the discussion.


It’s about time they offered an optional card to change the connection.
I have the USB version and now I need more inputs and outputs, and I have no solution, except to sell it and forget about this company’s interfaces forever.
It’s also a big bummer that the AES/EBU connector is not standard wired, but Yamaha standard, and I have to waste a lot of time rewiring my AES/EBU cables.

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This was March so who knows. But also, it’s not like support knows what they’re doing or talking about.

Any News on this? My ARX4T isn’t working with my dell XPS 15 9520 that has USB4.

I also have a Dell Latitude5503 which is not working with my AXR4T.

Yeah, sold the Dell for à 2019 macbookpro with thunderbolt 3. Usb4 = thunderbolt 4 is NOT compatible with thunderbolt 2! Only with thunderbolt 3