Any difference in performance bettween these two versions? They use slightly different wording to describe the benefits of each on the website which made me wonder (reading between the lines thunderbolt faster / better latency?)
Also, I have an older PC, with USB3.0 only and no option for Thunderbolt 2. Presume the AXR4U will still work with USB 3.0 ports even though it states USB 3.1 on website?
If thunderbolt significantly different performance wise, might consider upgrading PC - was gonna do it at some point soon!

USB 3 works fine. I think at the very lowest latency setting the TB has maybe 0.1ms better latency that’s 1/10 of a millisecond so nothing to make a difference. The main difference is TB can be stacked whereas the USB cant.

I have the USB and it’s worked flawlessly all year.


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Thanks NB, good to know yours has been working well. Its a pretty cool looking beast (with a few rough edges here and there). I’m swithering as to whether to use the MR816CSX trade in deal before the end of the year or to hold off and see what 2021 brings. Presume you’re happy with the preamps / silk emulation? Been pretty impressed with what Ive heard on youtube, but not exactly the best real world eamples! Any feedback welcome…
Just noticed the stacking thing. Unlikely to be an issue but always good to have future proofing. Wonder if they’ll start making the USB / TB output modules swappable some day. Would make sense provided it wasnt a total faff engineering wise.

hardware wise it’s superb. It’s the best thing I’ve bought in years and the first time I’ve noticed a real quality jump from an upgrade in an interface.

sound wise here’s a track done with the AXR4. Main vocal has no EQ just some mild compression. Sontronics Orpheus mic into the silk pre.

The software/firmware needs sorting out there are some annoyances with it’s Cubase integration when you use the control room. There’s work arounds but they’ just mean more mouse clicking than necessary. Not deal breakers but need to be sorted.

Main one is if your tracks are sent to any other than the stereo out you lose the AXR hardware menu on your track. So if I’m say recording a guitar with 2 mics and then send them both to a bus , if i want to do a repair or over dub I have to set the tracks back to the main outs rather than the bus and then back again. Not the end of the world but annoying :slight_smile:


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Wow that track sounds superb NB. Kudos! Instantly struck by warmth and natural clarity. Low end sounding great on Focal Alpha 80s, snare rich and natural, everything sitting together beautifully. Impressed! Great tune and performances too. I’m sure down to your mixing skills as much as the hardware! :wink:

Ha, thats a pita re: the group channel issue. Who doesnt group their guitars etc to a mix bus?! Classic Steinberg though no? Almost awesome but always a niggle here and there! Dont suppose you’ve had any feedback from them as to whether this is being looked at or liklihood of firmware updates? I really think they should provide the Portico suite plus silk as VST option to make the AXR4 be a no brainer for cubasers.

Appreciate the feedback. One step closer to buying after hearing your track! Should send it to steinberg as a demo for the youtube channel- there’s a lack of examples out there of that caliber showing off the preamps and silk I think!

very kind of you thanks :slight_smile: probably not what ‘the kids’ are into though I’d say :slight_smile: but it does giver an indication of what this unit does well, it’s pre amps and Analogue/digital conversions.

As far as I know they’re aware of the limitations and are working on it. It’s a Yamaha thing NOT steinberg as it’s yamaha who make the units and firmware. They’re not renowned for being fast with this stuff but I’m sure it’ll get sorted eventually. It was a similar problem with TB2 when they started development, by the time it was ready TB3 was out but too late to change.


Superb recording, great song. Been listening to this on repeat mode.
Bravo Norbury and thanks for sharing.

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thank you I really appreciate that :smiley:


Thanks for this feedback, I’m interested to understand more about the latency of this interface,

What is the latency setting you use currently in Windows?

As an example on my MOTU 828 es TB interface I could use 32 samples but I had to switch to 64 samples in cubase to get a stable performance with a moderate use of plugins (I use 3 vst guitar/ bass effects during recording and about only 6 to 8 other VSTi instruments typically in my sessions.

Also, Is there a realtime benchmark for this interface ?