AXRT stacking

I’m watching this interface with some interest - There is a good following - I’ve looked at the PDF manual and up to three units can be stacked via thunderbolt 2

Are all inputs and outputs available if stacking is used? - From reading previously that would be 12 mics pres, 48 I/O digital (ADAT & or AES) and 24 I/O analog 1/4" TRS? - Any info helpful - Thanks

Yes all inputs and outputs are available when 3 units are daisychained - that’s the whole point of daisychaining. As the product homepage says - “The Thunderbolt 2-equipped AXR4T can run three units in daisy-chain mode for a maximum of 84 inputs and 72 outputs, sufficient for high end recording applications and also allowing for analog summing.” I’d recommend the newly announced Ferrofish A32Pro as your ADAT expanders. They look great!