B-Box in Halion 2 issues (keyboard notes playing AND patterns not copied properly

ok… another strange day in Cubase Land.
I chose a Halion patch which included B-Box.
I created a pattern and dragged it into the track. When the track plays, the proper drum instrument plays, but it also plays (although weirdly) the note where the b-box 'note/drum instrument. For example, the bass drum gets migrated to where C1 is on the lower region editing screen is. The snare is say on D1… and i hear that D sound (as if it were played on the keyboard)…
all this to say is that when i play the song , i should only be hearing the bass drum and snare… not some ghost keyboard note sounding as each drum hit is being hit… i should only be hearing the various drum hits.
*and **
i drag pattern 1 to my project in bar 1… then drag pattern 2 into the bar2. when i play the song… I’m getting pattern 2 sounding in measure 1… (not pattern 1)
i have a feeling that b-box may have issues…
****** UPDATE ****
i just took a preset as i did above and chose B-BOX INIT.
I created 2 patterns… and dragged then to bar 1 and bar 2
they are playing correctly now. no ghost notes and each bar is playing the correct pattern… maybe there is a bug or maybe i am not doing something correctly if i use an existing preset…
(maybe the preset i am using is causing the issue as well)