Bach 2-part Inventions

Here’s a Dorico Project file containing the Bach 2-part Inventions, if anyone wants it.

Bach Inventions.dorico (2.3 MB)

It may be a useful example of laying out flows to fit pages.


Thank you so much for sharing! (Christmas gift!)
In general I only use dorico to write music and very rarely press the “play” button to listen, but here I was curious to see the result.
Just a detail why the ornamentation’s (mordant,…) are not played?
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Dorico doesn’t playback most ornaments – only trills. The rules for interpreting the various ornaments vary hugely according to all sorts of circumstances, so it’s not easy…

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As a learning project I also did them, together with the sinfonias.
Nice to see different approaches, I took the Henle and NBA as example and made most changes with system and/or frame breaks, and where neccesary with note spacing changes, the goal was to use two pages for each piece.
If I look at your version you mainly use differences in the note spacing, are there any advantages or disadvantages in the working way?
Here is my version also, I add the PDF because I use rather specific fonts.
Bach JS - Inventionen & Sinfonien.dorico (3.1 MB)
Bach JS - Inventionen & Sinfonien.pdf (1.0 MB)


I find it easier to set a Note Spacing for the Flow, rather than set System Breaks on every system – particularly for lengthy flows. I usually try to get close to what I want with Spacing, and then use Breaks as needed; usually for the last couple of systems.

Invention 13 (I think) has quite a high Spacing value, to get 2 bars to a system; otherwise you end up with not enough systems to fill both pages.

Some pieces I got onto one page (mostly so I could print them on one sheet); but they might look better as two pages. An exercise for the reader…

One of my concerns is also to find a good spot for pageturns, certainly as carilloneur (playing from iPad) that is very important because you have no hand or feet free, as harpsichordist is is of lesser concern because there are the bt-pedals to turn pages.
I think with breaks it is easier to find the exact spot for that, but I did this also to closely follow the mentioned editions. I will also try to play with the Notespacing more!
(BTW the alternate numberings in the Inventios follow the order use in WF klavierbüchlein version.)

Yes, ideally, they would all be across a spread.

Thanks, Ben. Nice work!
I admit that this is a really picayune question but I was experimenting with different music fonts and tried substituting MTF Cadence for Sebastian. Due to MTF’s slightly larger accidentals, I noticed that in Inventio I, bar 14, the G# at the beginning of the 3rd beat no longer tucks under the D before it, even though there’s plenty of room for it to do so. I even checked in Engrave Mode. Is there a way to convince Dorico to do this, short of altering the glyph boundaries in the font file?

Thanks to Jeroen, too, for posting his version!

See this previous discussion!

Ah yes, the same issue. Is it now possible to edit the size of the sharp without affecting anything else? I couldn’t find out how to do that at all. Music Symbols doesn’t seem to have a category for accidentals.

Thank you for also sharing this information which enlightens me. As I am a curious person, I exported in xml from dorico and opened this xml in concurrent software: this software then interprets the ornements…so: Unity is strength

And they were in fact composed to fit each on 2 pages.

You can do this by editing the tonality system.

Well, in the autograph they all fit on two pages, but sometimes with some heavy fiddling! (in fact just like in Dorico!)

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Thanks, Daniel. FWIW, a reduction to 95% for MTF Cadence’s sharp is [now] required to achieve the same tucking as for other fonts.

I always thought that this was one of the most striking features of the Inventions and Sinfonias. My music theory teacher was not convinced, though, calling this an “unscientific” argument. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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After all, it does only “proof” that they fit in two pages, but that does not say anything about the reason why they fit, can be as simple as paper costs, or whatever…

Thank You!!

Thank you @benwiggy !!! much appreciated Xmas Gift :slight_smile: