Back down to reality

Hi there ,here`s one i recorded into cubase on my own-some a while back , thanks

P.S. is soundcloud a joke ,i only had 1 play but i had 4 likes on this track :question:

Hey, love the sound, this is more blues than I can process! I can’t argue!

A beautiful song and arrangement. Played it yesterday
and again today, loved it. Nice guitar parts and I liked
the BVs.
Maybe a few fills on the kit, especially over the end?
Just a thought.

The 4 likes are by bots unfortunately, advertising for fake ‘fans’ to boost your popularity. You can report them to soundcloud if they’re not deleted by now.
Very nice track though, very cool guitar tone and nice backing vocals like Jet said.

thanks Leon ,i didn`t think it was that bluesy apart from the twiddles of course ha ha ,thanks for the listen.

thanks Jet ,glad you like the bvs i did wonder what people might think of them .i love the old film, "the Vikings" the one with kirk douglas and tony curtis, with the haunting vocal choir soudtracks, i tried to inject a bit of that feeling.ill have a look at the kit thanks for the suggestion .

i thought they could be bots ,every time ive uploaded music it is liked straight away and im thinking how did you manage that, ha ha, the cheap skates.cheers for the advice and thanks for the kind words Strophoid

Nice song. Really like the guitar tones.

thanks Jeff ,the clean tones are either direct through my boss gx 700 or my Laney gh 100l miced and set to clean and the slightly distorted guitar will be the Laney with pre amp turned up a touch ,it`s been a few years back since i recorded this tune but i remember being happy micing everything back then where as nowadays i seem to have spent a bit more time recording direct through the boss.

Yeah, maybe “blues” is too generic of a label. It sounds late 50’s/early 60’s to me when I think about it. Just love the guitar sounds, especially the tremolo effect, but really, all of it.

Very nice track, I’m too much a newbie to find any problems in this track if there exists any and I liked it plenty. Good Luck

ta Leon ,i appreciate your comments.your probably right about the 50s/60s.

thanks Masoomi,i appreciate the nice comment .we are all newbies to somebody, don`t worry about it. good luck to you too.