back in the early days

i thought id share a couple of early days photo’s which i found and made me chuckle :laughing:

Cool. What are all those colored wires for?

Put some clothes on man :laughing:

i just colour coded the cables to make it easier to remember what instrument was what and the Allan and heath ,a bit like the coloured tracks in cubase now lol …

split your lucky i haven’t posted any photo’s of a mix down in yfronts ! :laughing: :laughing:

Bet it sounded… Pants :laughing: :laughing:

Way kool!!

lol i think i remember seeing that thread and there was some classy photo’s on there lol .

It just makes me laugh how i used to set things up as the equipment was always on the road i would get home being on a buzz and not bother setting anything up properly and just play ,didn’t care about this didn’t care about that but now its "WHATS HAPPENED TO MY FUCKING FADER COLOURS ?? "