Back on cubase.. Thinking of dualboot .

Hello My Cubasian frinds.
After 4 yeara of dumbasing i just bought cubase 6
And i cant understand why i left The Steiny train at start.
Today i have verry little space at home and i cant realy afford à new pc.

Back in The days i used to have a dualboot system 1 os for gaming n stuff
1 os for cubase.

And i whas thinking of doing it again.
Plan would be hdd1 1tb wd black with win7 home 64bit
300gb velociraptor with win 7 PRO 64bit
1 tb wd black for studio files and samples.

ANything i should think of.
Anyone have à setup like this?

My system
Asus p6tse
I7 930 2.8ghz
12 gig corsair dominator
3hdd (as stated above 1 not installed)
Ati radeon Hd 5770 1gig
Elevenrack as daw soundcard / interface
Cubase 6.02 64bit

1 HDD for OS/Cubase, 1 for projects and 1 for streaming samples if you do a lot of it. I wouldn’t multi-boot without hiddenpartitions, but that’s me. :wink:

Now that sounds interesting.
Hidden partitions.
How do i do that ?

After installing first OS, use it to create another partition with no drive letter or path then hide the first part. and make second active with super fdisk, for example, and install the second OS. Boot to it and edit the boot.ini to reflect part. 2. Again, with super fdisk, hide the second, unhide and activate the first, boot to it and edit the boot.ini to reflect part. 1. Use GAG as a boot loader, setting it up to hide inactive OS partitions. You have to make boot disks of super fdisk and GAG.

cant i just install windows 7 home on hdd 1 and diactivate hdd2 in devicemanager
then install win 7 pro on hdd and then disable hdd1 on my second os?

I find non-hidden partitions more useful for maintenance as I can:

  1. Cut and paste between the OS partitions.

  2. Run AV to the WHOLE computer when booted into the General partition, but run with only Defender and the Win 7 firewall when booted from the Recording partition. I still have an internet connection when booting into Recording, but only visit sites for driver and program updates.

    The downside (if you can call it that) of this regime is that the drive letter for the active boot partition is C:, but will be whatever it is assigned to the drive when it is not. For example, my General partion is C: when I have booted from it, but it is G: when I have booted from the Recording partition. Conversely, my Recording partition is C: when booting from it, but R: when booting from the General partition.

I have a separate I: for Information drive for all data for both boots, making it a single point to backup. I keep non-DAW files, like photos and YouTube promotional videos, with the related DAW project

Whatever multi-boot arrangement you go with, I would suggest making the themes visually distinct. It can be too easy to stuff up configurations if you can easily forget which boot partition you are in. I also require a password to enter the DAW partition, just to make sure I am on the ball when using it, so that I am less likely to do something forgetful or silly.

To prevent unnecessary delays during the majority of booting, I set a boot choice time to only 3 seconds (default is 30), with the General partition the default. It means I have to be on the ball when needing to boot into Recording, but that is another distraction-prevention, concentration-producing strategy.

Big problem with un-hidden partitions is that if the first goes down, they all do as the first contains the boot data for all. Viruses are programmed, for the most part, to seek out C:\ which increases the chances. With hidden, any can go down and with Acronis you can be up and running in no time. Also, you can image a pristine OS and DAW install with all plugs authorized and everything and re-install periodically to get rid of junk like demoed VST’s and the like.

That is à valid point Mash.
I have been rekomended à different option.
Use bios profiles.
This way profil 1 loads win 1 on hdd 1 for gaming with onbord soundcard and other stuff + My files hdd and disables hdd2. And it Will ser Boork drive hdd1

Profile 2 in Bios is more adjusted for daw. With no onboard sound, no turboboost, and it Will activate My second drive + files hdd and disable The firat drive . It Will a’set boot drive to hdd2.

This way Seams verry smart :slight_smile:

Problem is it wastes a whole HDD. Putting anything other than the OS on a HDD isn’t good for performance as it has to read and write to different locations on the same drive. I have a 40GB HDD for all OS’s. The other larger ones are for the purposes I outlined earlier. Whatever floats your boat.