Back to Nuendo but crashing on 10.8.3

Hi Guys

After some time away from Nuendo, I have come back and upgraded from N4 to N6. Logic pro audio engine keeps stuttering and Pro Tools, is going back to it’s ways of “Use their hardware or else…”.

Anyway N6 with the update looks great. However, I am getting some crashes.
I’m using UAD apollo which has been stable with all the other programs.

Anyone have N6 with apollo working ok?


Think I sorted it out. Trouble with UAD… reinstalled the drivers and everything seems ok

I had a UAD card (first gen) and remember it being responsible for one of my worst PC experiences ever.
I had to take it out of my system while a customer was having a coffee. Now this is loooong ago, but ever since then I read about problems with latency, stability, crackling, you name it…
The plugins were light years ahead then, but now I really feel native power is enough for my work. Maybe it’s time to make the final cut.


UAD has been fine with pretty much everything I’ve had…

I just reinstalled and also repair disk permissions on OSX and so far (knock on wood) it’s been great.

The plugins are just better (IMO). The apollo has served well… been using it for about 8 months now… with the realtime effects on input a true revelation.

I for one couldn’t do without it… however, we all work different ways of course! :slight_smile: