Back to Pro Tools after While With Cubase ?

Was with PT for YEARS. Hundreds of sessions sitting here.

Finally checked out a demo Cubase Pro, after some mild head scratching and using the demo for a couple of weeks, really liked it. Bought it.

Been using about a year.

Bought an AVID S1 controller last week. Love it. Watched a lot of Pro Tools videos with them using it, and started thinking, “What if I did a session again in PT?”

So I did today.

I could not WAIT to get back to Cubase. I mean, PT is not terrible it is just…I don’t know. I missed the colors of Cubase, the Control Room, the myriad of short cuts and macros I have made, it is just a way more full featured program to me.I was moving faster in Cubase despite being in PT forever.

Cubase is now officially home. Wish they’d fix the fact that hidden tracks still show up on the S1 but I can live with it.

Well, you can work towards ditching the S1 and getting Nuage.

Or Steinberg could fix their Eucontrol compatibility…a lot cheaper;) From posts I’ve read though that’s been requested for awhile so won’t hold my breath. It’s a minor quibble…

the problem is that Eucon is not easy usable anymore
Avid is changing it constantly with no documentation to prevent others from using it successful

they promise compatibility with other DAW than PT but it will never be that good as with their own products

Actually I was playing with some features the other day in PT and it was not working as expected, tried the same thing with it in Cubase and it worked as it should;)

I’m never going to get deep into it, I just use it for the faders and a few adjustments that are easier than with the mouse. Cubase seems to work pretty well with it. Haven’t tried it in Logic because that is not a program I ever want to enter again :wink:

imo Nuage is cooler

For about 11000 dollars more, it better be lol