Back to the future (no issue, actually...)

Taken this morning : obviously, something is wrong… :crazy_face:

Don’t know what you mean…
August, 22nd?

Yep, I made a mess between Aug 22 and Aug '22, sorry… Actually, there is no issue.

I have a problem with the way these forums are displaying the post dates, obvioulsy : ageing eyes syndrom, I guess… Hope that someday, we’ll see the years displayed with their full 4 digits, to avoid this, but maybe it’s too much asking.

Sorry again… :blush:

If you hover your mouse pointer over the date it will show in more detail.

Iit shows the date and time in an English format, I’m located in Germany, would love to see the German notation of date and time instead.
But of course it’s not a big issue.

I would prefer all date displays to be YYYY-MM-DD, and the time to be 24 hour format, since that

  • eliminates local/language differences
  • sorts properly

i.e. something that is based on the ISO 8601 standard: ISO 8601 - Wikipedia

And apparently that’s also the official standard in Canada (yay!), and most European countries, including Germany (Steinberg’s home).

I find it quite disappointing, that this forum (and too many others) don’t show the ISO 8601 type of date by default. – I blame Murica …

I wonder, if there’s preference setting in the forum software, that would faciliate an ISO 8601 style date format.


I observed this too – both missing the little apostrophe and reading May '21 as May 21, and the clumsy American-style date format und Ich bin ein Amerikaner!

There is. But it’s not practical to use. (this is Admin-level so I don’t have access to it) But have a look at this old post in the Discourse Software forum. I have a feeling that what they are saying is still the case.

I’m of the same opinion as @Nico5, and I use Fri 2023-8-25 here in the USA, when I can.

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:joy: :+1:

I was hoping that in the 8 years since that thread, maybe something would have improved.

And maybe it has?

So maybe a technical administrator of this forum can make that change? Is there a “feature request” we could make?

Well, dog me a bone! Looks easy as pullin’ a pit outer ‘n’ over-ripe peach.

you got some good search-fu @Nico5

I’ll see if I can find who’s in charge of that. :smiley:


There are a few people in-house here too that also find the difference between “Aug 22” and “Aug '22” somewhat too subtle, so we’ll see what we can do.


OK, this should be working now - for example, an older post show an unambiguous year: Note values in cues


We’ve also enabled the settings to allow you to choose your interface language which will format the dates according to your chosen locale. This can be found in your user account preferences:


For the date format :nerd_face: crowd, just today I bumped into a cool site showing the various formatting strings that are common in date settings and programming environments.

Scroll down a bit to get a sense of the comprehensive listing of formatting strings and what they mean: