Back to the seller !

After two days fighting with this baby, I am going to bring it back to the seller. I work with a MacBook Pro (Intel Core Duo 2.4gHz 4Go / OS 10.6.6) and all I’ve got are CPU spikes and audio drops, when the card is recognized. Tried with 1.7 and 1.6 drivers.

As usual, I’ll buy an RME stuff… Steinberg, that’s not serious. Really.


What Firewire chipset is on the MacBook Pro? I ask as some have the agere chipset and not a texas instruments whihc is the one you want.

I have a Lucent chip inside, and a Texas Express Card adapter. There is a little improvement using the TI chipset.


The solution that worked for me was two-part: 1. using a fw400 to 800 adapter on the mr816, and 2. switching from FW to USB external backup drive. Just in case you wanted to try something else before returning.

Thanks Jimmy,

I can’t afford working with a piece of gear which I have to cross my fingers, get a clove garlic and look at the lunar phase before I begin to work :wink: There are audio card that work flawlessly. Sorry, because the MR816 seemed to be very good for the price.


I sent mine back also after trying to get it to work on my laptop.
I have a TI firewire chipset adapter that works fine with my MOTU 828 but after several days of screwing around with the MR816 and getting nothing but constant audio drop outs, I gave up and sent it back.
I updated all drivers, updated my BIOS, I even disabled everything but esentials in device manger, and nothing worked.
RME is in my future for portable recording.