Back to Title Pages and Graphics Again

I absolutely love working in Dorico, but I immediately get a stomach ache when faced with creating the title page and front matter.

I just bought a huge text border from a graphics site. Once again, when I import it into the graphics frame in Dorico, it is far too small and I can’t stretch it. I do not understand this.

I tried opening the image in another program, putting it on the clipboard, and pasting it into the Dorico graphics frame, but this does not seem to be option.

I know I have long posts in the part on this subject, but I can’t comprehend why this is so difficult.

I just want to paste it into the graphics frame, resize it if needed, and add my text. Advice?

Note that I can paste it here but not in Dorico.

In general, graphics frames show the whole image – its size will depend on the height/width of the image and the corresponding height/width of the graphics frame.

Meaning, a very tall image won’t appear very large in a graphics frame that spans the full width of the page if it’s very short. Likewise a very wide image will look small in Dorico if it’s in a graphics frame that isn’t very wide.

Dorico won’t stretch the image to fit the graphics frame: it keeps the ratios of height/width in the image, and displays the image as large as it can based on those parameters and the available space in the graphics frame.

Without the image file or a demo project, it’s hard to say much else.

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OK, so you are saying the graphic is going to autofit the frame as much as possible. Thank you.

Here are some graphics frames of various sizes and shapes, into each of which I have loaded the exact same image file to demonstrate this principle:


Good example. Thank you.

Hi @konradh as a further example you have three options how to fit your picture in the Frame (in the Properties Panel/Fit mode) after importing the picture (I imported the same picture and applied the three different fit modes as shown here below: to apply a different mode, first select the frame clicking on it’s border, and choose from the drop down menu in Properties panel):

-Aspect Fit

You can choose what best suites your desired result. After choosing the Fit mode, try to drag the edges of your Graphic Frame, and notice how the picture adapts in different ways to the Frame boundaries. (Notice that Fill will distort your image, but in some cases is what is needed :slight_smile: , and in Unscaled you can change the position of what you see, changing the Anchor X and Y values)


Yes you’re right! I’d forgotten about that property.

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@Christian_R Thank you! The people on this forum are incredible!

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