Back-up files disappearing from project folder...HELP

Hi, so I was working on a project today, editing some strings, Cubase crashed (for a change…) so I restarted assuming I’d be able to open a back-up file (my settings are set to save every 15 minutes - I checked my preferences to confirm this…) only to find there were no back-ups in my folder (always are directed to my project folder).

So I got over that and entered into the original saved project again, after half hour or so, I checked my project folder and saw that there were a couple of new back-up files - since the restart, “great” I thought, checked again an hour later…there were 5/6 back-ups in there… now they have disappeared from my project folder. I lost more work the first time, than the second, as I just left it open whilst doing other stuff the second time, but I know the BUs were there… and now are not.

Can anyone help as to why this could be…maybe I can retrieve my initial work from the first session, and more importantly, stop it happening again??

Help appreciated. I’m not a newbie - though not fully pro - been saving stuff/using back-ups for years…HELP!!!

Edit. Did a couple of trial and error experiments, if I got some back-ups and saved the projects, the back-ups before then would save, but if I closed a project after a back-up had appeared and didn’t save, that back-up disappeared… which makes having back-ups pointless, right? I’m guess I have hit a setting, help very much appreciated…

Strange behavior! Are you not running Cubase as admin and trying to open backups as an other user? Just for starters…?

I noticed you mentioned “Cubase crashed (for a change…)”. So I assume Cubase is crashing a lot on you? Under normal circumstances this should not happen very often? So this may imply some issue with your system that may cause this behavior to happen? A plugin, a driver? But also faulty or carelessly overclocked systems can cause RAM to get corrupted and cause issues like this?

After you’ve sorted out the above and still have issues start with determining if it’s only affecting this project or other projects as well? If it only affects this one it might be some sort of corruption with this project?

Make a backup from the file menu and start the project from there to see if this solves the issue?

Strange behavior! Are you not running Cubase as admin and trying to open backups as an other user? Just for starters…?

I haven’t done anything different to before, so I assume not…

I noticed you mentioned "Cubase crashed (for a change…)

It freezes occasionally and if I run task manager, it says “not responding”, but still would back-up within the last fifteen minutes…

Gonna experiment with a different project as suggested…thank you for responding…wish me luck!!!

Did an experiment on a seperate project, there were 5 back-ups, then I closed the project, without saving, and the back-ups have disappeared/gone…

That’s how it works. They are no longer needed, so they are deleted. If you want to archive versions of the project, you must do that yourself. That’s not what these backup files are for.

But they always used to, so if cubase crashed, or there was a power cut etc… I would have back-ups, now if I don’t save, they disappear, no point in back-ups if you save the most recent version…

That’s right. After you exit Cubase, there is no longer any need for files you use to recover from a crash.