Back Up to a New Folder...Cubase 6.5

Before upgrading to 6.5, In Cubase Studio 4 when I bacled up a project it would ofcourse save it to a new folder, but it would by default be the file which stayed active allowing the former file to remain unedited… Cubase now overwrites it where I have two files of the same thing…Where can I make this change…I had a good mix, then I started experiementing further and loss all my volume control and pan settings…I guess I was suppose to automate “write” the whole song…in order to recall :\

Backup Project.

Page 52 of the manual

Uncheck Keep Current Project Active.

Gracias, but will it still overwrite? Will take a look at manual tho

No, it won’t overwrite the previous project. Just choose backup project and then Uncheck “Keep Current Project Active” as Split said, and you’re all good.

If you give the backup project a different name, you can verify Cubase actually continues with the new project.