Back up y'all

Just backed up over 17gb of stuff. Took 28 minutes. You know it makes sense :sunglasses:

Aloha, p and thanks.

Always good advice.

philter wrote

Just backed up over 17gb of stuff. Took 28 minutes. You know it makes sense > :sunglasses:

Did you verify the backup? One of those essential chores, but I’ve had so many backup disasters over the years that I never feel totally secure. Even Acronis stuffed me last year. Paragon has also let me down, but not recently.

Any recommendations on RELIABLE backup software? Is Windows backup in W7 any good? Questions, questions. :unamused:

It may not be exacty the same way you backuped but when I “backup” (image) my system drive, which is actually my save drive with about 380GB Data, it takes about 48mins…

I use clonezilla. The only problem when imaging is, you need (like in my setup) about 4 drives. 2 are active (SYS and DATA) and 2 are for imaging. I dont verify because I test the image immediately after the procedure and till now every image has worked. I image like about once per month (or before a major Upgrade :slight_smile:) and backup files (cubase and Samp) like once a week or after a heavy recording session.

I don’t normally do that as I also backup to DVDs. One of em is bound to work :confused:

Actually it won’t if you have a flaky DIMM. Any backup made using a marginal memory will fail, so test your memory from time to time. Those modules do occasionally fail.

Since my last “event” I’ve been using, which is offline. It’s fairly cheap

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Yes Phil, good advice!

Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile:

It’s not exactly a multicultural picture, however.

It actually looks like a bunch of white power guys celebrating their latest cross burning.

lol, our always positive duck in action.

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Have you tried using this tool and sending the image out and back in again with a SMB share? The testimonials seem to be pretty glowing. I am going to take a good look at this.


Next time I will try and make my humor more obvious. :laughing:

Yeah, you tend to be a bit ‘airy fairy’ sometimes, heh heh heh, in the best possible sense of course :wink: !


no I havent tried that. I use it for pretty basic stuff and its very reliable. I havent even tried the drive to image function yet. I only use the drive to drive clone.

Good advice indeed. Just picked up this WD 3TB NAS for under $200!