Back up your Plug Custom Folder lists

I am having some problems with Avid Control , and wonder if there is away to remove your custom Plug list temporarily , and replace later ? or do you have to deleter and start again

incase i’m calling it the wrong name its this , mine is called AG


If you want to do it just once for testing purposes, go through the Cubase Safe Start Mode dialog and Disable the preferences. This will delete the defaults.xml file from the preferences folder. (I’m not 100% sure, but I expect, the custom plug-in collections are stored in the defaults.xml.)

If you see your custom plug-in collections even after, quit Cubase, rename the whole Cubase Preferences folder and start Cubase. Start Cubase, you will get the factory settings. Once you are done with the testing, quit Cubase and rename the preferences folder back.

Thx . Dam I should have thought of that my self , removed the Cubase 13 Pref folder , which created a fresh one on re boot .

had the crash almost right away , this time while removing the last inserted Distortion plug -in. (so didn’t have to close the project to make it crash)
I think you have enough logs now but just in case

Cubase 13-2023-11-22-114434.ips (153.0 KB)

I think you can backup the file “PluginManager.xml” in your Cubase settings folder.

I know this does not directly answer your question, but if the requirement is to temporarily hide a specific plugin, then you can do so in Studio | VST Plug-in Manager by selecting the plugin and clicking on the “Hide” checkbox in the lower panel.

You can also do things like:
… for example, in order to get rid of entries for plugins you have uninstalled.

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Hello, custom collections are saved in PluginManager.xml.

I would backup that file when Cubase is closed, then you can work on your collections, delete, change, but being sure that you can go back.

Once you´re fine and want your collection back, just copy the whole collection from the original xml and paste it to the newly created one. You need to copy and paste the whole section between the two “PluginCollection” lines below.

It looks like this:

		<PluginCollection name="MyDefault" type="FX">
			<folder name="Analyzer">
				<plugin name="Whatever plugin" cid="56535453636F336D756C746973636F70"/>

P.S. Don´t mix up PluginCollection with PluginCollections: the first indicates a single collection, the second includes all collections in the file :slight_smile: