Backbone 1.5 - blacklisted by all inst. Cubase versions (older CPU, Win10)


this is the first time that I’m having massive problems with one of Steinberg’s own VST plugins, in this case it’s the newly updated Backbone v1.5 (which is being licensed via the Absolute Collection 5 package license on my USB dongle).

On one machine (Laptop, Windows 11 Pro), I can use Backbone 1.5 - as updated yesterday - in any version of Cubase installed (Pro 11, Elements 11, LE 12, Pro 8.5, Pro 10.5), as well as in Nuendo 12.0.30 (Trial). Only as long as the USB dongle is connected, of course, since the Absolute Coll. 5 package license must be “on”.
The eLCC is version, also all other Steinberg utilities are at their latest version.

On another machine (an older PC, Windows 10 Pro) Backbone 1.5 is being rejected as a VST3 plugin, in any installed version of Cubase and Nuendo 12 (Trial) - and blacklisted. Re-activation (button below) failed every time I tried it.
As above, the eLCC is version, also all other Steinberg utilities are at their latest version.

Only after rolling back to v1.1.10, Backbone worked again on this specific PC.

I’d installed the Backbone 1.5 update with admin rights, without admin rights.
I even deleted all older blacklist related XMLs.
Made no difference.

Also I made sure to check (by comparison with the working laptop installation) if all relevant files weren’t broken by comparing file sizes and if all the files were correctly installed in:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3\Steinberg\Backbone.vst3\

Just if anyone might ask:
(1) did I also update the components during install? YES
(2) did I replace / re-register the 6 updated vstsound content files manually? YES
(3) did I re-download the update package (v1.5) via SDA? YES

Perhaps any idea, anyone?


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Is the Steinberg Activation Manager in this computer up to date? I believe the latest version is currently 1.3.1 (shown in-app as

There have been cases where the SAM is unable to be updated properly. This is generally caused by registry issues.

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here, on windows 11 all up to date, and blacklisted too

Hi @Romantique_Tp,

thanks for responding.
As I’d written above, “all other Steinberg utilities are at their latest version”.

Nevertheless, I did re-download and re-install SAM and it still shows the latest available version / build number.
All local license registrations are working, dongle is connected.
That scenario you mention really doesn’t seem to be the reason for VST plugin scanner’s faulty behavior. Were you referring to Windows Registry issues, or to any XML registration issues?

I also temporarily renamed the XML presets folder of Cubase Pro 11.0.41.
After restarting CP11, I even removed all manually entered VST plugin search paths, re-scanned multiple times, restarted CP11 again, restarted the PC, temporarily deactivated Windows Defender, etc. etc.

No change. Backbone still blacklisted.

All installed Steinberg VSTs, presets and content had been working perfectly before, and the Media Bay had always been configured carefully enough so everything relevant was accessible.
Backbone is being marked (twice) under VST Sound in Media Bay, all content is visible, yet just doesn’t play, since the corresponding VST plugin is being blacklisted.
Although I had de-registered and newly “registered in place” (manually) all six vstsound files within Library Manager (multiple times, and of course the updated versions v8 and v2, not the older ones).

Only positive change on that same machine:
last night I could finally update the (temporary) eLCC build .2300 by updating to build .3311, at least this time the eLCC installer didn’t “kill” the existing eLicenser software container.

Anyway, that whole thing is getting very annoying.


i read this in other forum :
It’s the GetDPIForMonitor function that is failing because the VST3 is looking for API-MS-WIN-SHCORE-SCALING-L1-1-1.DLL.

(api not avalible on windows 11)

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Hi @Fingertips,

sorry that you have this too.

And thanks for that interesting info.
Just read something about that on Microsoft’s support pages.

Yet the PC in question isn’t using Win11, but Win10.
The file api-ms-win-shcore-scaling-l1-1-1.dll wasn’t present (Win10Pro - 21H2 - Build 19044.1766), so I found and copied a Windows 8.1. version to both relevant places (System32, SysWOW64), but this changed nothing.

Just to sum things up:
until now, I’ve never ever had so many problems with any Steinberg product - with Backbone 1.5 being the sad exception.

also, after deinstalling Backbone 1.5. and my roll back to version 1.1.10, all strange side effects like all Cubase versions starting with weird errors (licensing “old” and “new”), or Cubase not starting at all, don’t happen any more.

Backbone 1.5. won’t work or is unreliable “on some machines”, for no easily understandable reason.


Just for the record:

GetDpiForMonitor function (shellscalingapi.h) - Win32 apps | Microsoft Docs

i was copyng that file too, and reg with regserv32 (admin mode) and system give errors about the dll.
I think is not only copy and register the dll . . .

I only find good information in not steinberg forums, and this is very sad

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Just a thought, are all of you having the blacklist issues running a non AVX cpu? Could be that the new drumgan sony part needs AVX or is not coded properly to work on non AVX cpu’s.

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Hi @vinark,

thanks for your idea, you really may be on to something.

As far as I’m concerned, the answer is yes! My older machine uses a Xeon W3550 (Q3, 2009), which is comparable to a (1st gen.) 900 series Core i7 (Bloomfield). No AVX, which was first introduced with Sandy Bridge CPUs in Q1, 2011.

Whereas on my (also a bit older) Laptop the updated version 1.5 of Backbone runs fine, that machine is from 2013 and uses an Ivy Bridge Core i5 3320M (Q2, 2012).

Also, I’d done a short experiment in between. After the rollback to Backbone 1.1., I’d copied the GAN resource file (ca. 172 MB in size) into the folder next to the VST3 file. After this, Cubase (Pro 11) didn’t start up. After having removed the file, everything went back to normal. Of course such an experiment is rather “esoteric”, without any planful measurements and memory dump of what really happens while Cubase is starting up.

So, I still hope we can collect even more ideas. Thanks again!


Again, for the record:

Advanced Vector Extensions - Wikipedia

not avx cpu here

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Steinberg can probably fix it, if AVX is the issue here, if they want. UVI the plate was AVX only on release and after a lot of protest UVI fixed it, AFAIR, the avx plate version uses 10% cpu and the non AVX 30%. But since it is probably the drumgan/sony part that needs AVX, that is a non real time process anyway.
BTW NI Massive X is also AVX only and was never fixed (and they told they would not make it AVX from the beginning).
I am still very happy with my X5470 running at 4ghz (on a P5Q, this xeon CPU is modded to run on s775).

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