Backbone sample midi release setting?

Please can someone point me in the right direction. I’ve dragged in my own sample (percussion loop of around 10 seconds) into Backbone and when I play a note on my midi keyboard it plays the whole loop to the end, even if I release the midi keyboard key.

Is there a setting, similar to Kontakt, that allows you to say don’t play till the end and stop the loop when you release the keyboard key. Or a release setting (to use like a fade out) that kicks in if you release the key? I’m played around with all the settings in the AMP section, the loop repeat settings etc but nothing is stopping the loop from playing when I release the key.

Is this the same for others?


Ok … think I found the answer. In the AMP editor I’ve clicked the Sustain button and a new node has appeared that lets me control the release … doh!!