Backbone Update in Download Assistant confusing naming (1.1 instead of 1.5) ?!?

The “Update” section in the Steinberg Download Assistant sometimes confuses me.

Currently it shows unter “Update” a “VST Sound Update” for Backbone and then there is “Backbone” and “Backbone 1.1” available as update. I have installed it now and it worked fine, but assumed I had already the latest version.

Because if you go to the section “VST instruments & plugins” there is already a newer version Backbone 1.5 available together with the downloadable content.
I had installed everything there already BEFORE this update. Also the “Content Backbone” of course.

So my question. What exactly is “Backbone” and “Backbone 1.1” that’s listed in the update section? Is it an update to the “Content Backbone” that’s available under “VST instruments & plugins”? The naming is confusing.

Here two screenshots to help explaining what I mean:

VST Sound Update. That means that there’s an update for the Backbone factory libraries.

1.5 is the version of the plugin.

Thank you for your reply.
So everyhing’s ok, it’s just the naming that confused me…