Background Audio draining battery quickly

Hello Team,

For the last about a month, I’ve noticed that turning on Background Audio is draining the battery drastically in just a few hours. For instance, yesterday, the battery level on my iPad Air 2 with the latest iOS 11.1.2 was at 100% in the morning and by evening, it went down to 12% even though I have not used the device at all. I’ve checked the Battery usage under Settings and Cubasis shows as using up 82% of the battery which is abnormal.

This never happened before even though I used to leave Background Audio on for months and a single charge used to last for over 3 days of use - as can be seen from below observation:

Today, I left Background Audio turned off, did use the device and also Cubasis. Battery usage under Settings shows Cubasis is using up only 14%. The battery still has about 70% charge remaining - which is very normal.

Hi powerobject,

Thanks for your message.

Regular Cubasis projects do not result in heavy battery usage if playback is not running and Cubasis is in the background (with the “Background Audio” setup option enabled).

However, keeping Inter-App Audio and/or Audio Unit connections active, can lead to battery drain.
In this case, we recommend to shut down Cubasis alongside active IAA apps.

To check if there are any IAA apps running in the background, add a MIDI track, open the Inspector’s Routing panel, open the MIDI port list and see if any apps that don’t appear in the iOS multitask switcher are listed here. If they are, launch them from the home screen and quit them again via the multitask switcher.


Hi Lars,

There are no active connections from other apps. This seems to be an iOS 11 issue as the only change that happened on my device before this issue started was upgrading to iOS 11 (Cubasis 2.3 was upgraded to after the issue began).

There is an issue in iOS 11 - when I turn off Bluetooth from the Control Center, it shows as turned off but it is not - if we go to Settings > Bluetooth, the setting is still turned on! We need to turn it off from the Settings.

Thank you!


Hi Shekar,

Thanks for your message.

If possible, please check the following

  • Create an empty Cubasis project and shutdown Cubasis
  • Make sure no other apps are activated or run in the background (see my reply above)
  • Shut down the iPad followed by a restart

Once done, please launch Cubasis again (which will open the empty project)
Please let me know if you still experience heavy battery use, given this scenario.

Best wishes,

I have this problem too. Since I updated my ios from 10.2.3 to 11.1.2 version. I feel my battery life is shorter than before .
I have a app with name ( memory & disk ) , When i do not have anything in background on my iPad, and check my cpu activitys , Memory&Disk app shows for a long time 14% to 20% tolerance cpu activity sometimes. I feel exactly the power of the cpu is less than before.
For example. I has one setting in cubasis with combination 3 apps in background that it work very soft and properly in ios 10 , but in new ios 11.1.2 that i use same setting with same 3 apps in background, i hear noisy sounds and when check with Memory&Disk app shows cpu 60% to 80% .
I feel this is a problem with the operating system.
Can you help or report this problem to ios Apple support team. ?

IPad Air 2
Ios 11.1.2
Cubasis 2.3.1