Background colors for different parts in song


I was wondering if I could change the background colour, based on the part of the song. Please see the image :

Basically I’d love to have different BG colors for the verse, chorus, bridge, etc. so when I’m scrolling down I can easily see which part I am in.

I couldnt find any references for this, and I believe it’s not possible Out of the box.
Any workarounds for this ?

I run Cubase Artist 6.5 - and I can’t seem to find how to “dock” the marker track to the top - seems to be a Cubase 6 feature only.

This is called an Arranger Track. I have no idea if it exists in Artist, but in C6, you will find it as you create a track, there will be an option for an ‘Arranger Track’. Its a fairly quick learn but basically you will need to make your divisions and determine how many times you want them to repeat. When you elect to export it, you will need to ‘Flatten’ the repeats. The word ‘flatten’ does not refer to the pitch of the section, but making the repeats lineal, from end to end, rather than ‘stacking’ them as they are when you play the track.

thanks, but the arranger track doesnt do the same thing, it just puts blocks with different colours at the top track, I was looking for a complete background colour change, like in the picture I did in paint. Even if the arranger track at the top is not visible, I would still be able to see the sections due to the background colour.

I guess this doesnt exist. :S

What you can do is colour code either the markers in the marker track or do the same with the arranger track. OR you use the guide track/rough mix/empty midi part and colour the different song parts (verse, chorus,…). The will give you big colored blocks!
To make it stick to the top, you have to split the arranger window ( / -symbol at the top right) and move the tracks you want to the upper part.

Actually what I do is make a marker track and name the markers (intro, verse,…) and put it in the upper part of the split arrange window. This way I can locate the song parts really quickly (3: beginning of the song 4: first verse 5: chorus etc.)

(don’t know if there’s any limitations in Cubase Artist though concerning the matter)

ths sounds interesting but before I try to follow your steps could you make a screenshot with the result?

im trying to decrypt your tips but its too difficult. you are sure you can do this: ?

That’s not Cubase functionality unfortunately. Look closely at the screenshot, you see the coloured area’s are not equal size at the bottom, and the most right one overlaps the scrollbar. This is a clever job in an image editing program.

yeah it is - because it was just to show what we want to have. a coloured background ?!

you seem to fail the OPs intention to start this thread. He guessed there was no such option there - so he drew a paint to show what he wanted when describing isnt enough.


so we all can settle down and say - yes this function is not yet there and we like to have it implemented.

this a feature Request.

woe there skippy, you are correct that it isn’t there, but it’s not something I like or want implemented. Arrange tabs and markers make the parts perfectly clear. All that rainbow crap is a waist of time if you ask me.

but I want it. and I dont want to force you to have it too. Solution? make it an option.

Sure, you can want it as a feature. But, you were making it sound like an obvious and huge feature omission that we were all clamoring for. I think you’ll find most people who record and mix would find it annoying instead of helpful. Same with the stupid instrument pictures on tracks.

As an option is fine with me but I won’t use it.