Background Tasks Window Un-necissaryity

So… I’m all about fewer mouse clicks.


Load a wave file in the wave editor window. “Save As” mp3 file. When you fill out all the info and select okay or go or whatever. The Background Tasks Window appears and if you have closed it after making it a floating window, it appears as a floating window. That in itself is okay, I guess but when it’s done, it remains, covering the window you wanted to see in the first place (i.e. the file browser). This is wasted effort, especially because when saving, there is a duplicate progress bar down below the waveform window.

So, my suggestion is this: Does this window really need to open automatically? For me the answer is no, especially because of the aforementioned duplicate progress bar. But if you (PG) really think it needs to be there, couldn’t it go back where it came from when it’s done. I don’t need it at all. It only represents extra mouse click for me. But if it needs to be there for you. Could it go away when it’s done? That would be good for me.


What about switching off this option:

Excellent! Thanks, PG