Backing out of Cubase 8

I tried Cubase 8, I found it a lot more trouble than it was worth.

So now I want to go back to Cubase 7. Can I do this, or do I have to assume all the projects I worked on in 8 are stuck there?

I tried to open them in 7. Aside from the fact that the project window says Cubase 8 (When open in Cubase 7) the project preview line shows the content squished over on the left making this useful feature unuseable. It seems to play back OK as I never got around to trying out new features .

So what are my recovery options?

Have you tried changing the project length in the project setup and “Save as…”
If the overview is squished left, maybe, somehow, the length was increased to a much larger value.

I’m sorry to see you having so much trouble. I’m afraid backing out of Steinberg altogether may be the only option if their development team isn’t replaced soon.

Anyway, if all else fails you may have to create a new C7 project, then open your corrupted C8 version, and just drag all the tracks into the new one. That itself may be problematic because Cubase now copies not just the track data, but also the track’s settings and even inserts FX etc.

This can be a very helpful thing unless it’s not. I would love to know a way to byp[ass this feature so one can just copy the audio or midi data without also copying the track setting.

Thanks Aslan. I was not previously aware that there was a project length parameter. How did it get set to over 2 hours? I never did so because I didn’t know it was there.

I am migrating back to 7. For that matter , all the new features since 6 have done is make it friendlier for Hip Hop production, which is where pop music has gone. What a world.

And Cubase 8 sure is half baked.

Actually, that is not true. Rock still sells over twice that of hip hop. Country and gospel together outsell hip hop. Overall, hip hop and rap only constitute 10% of all record sales and with techno pop added in it’s about 25%.

Steinberg would do well to try and capture the country/rock and folk songwriter market. There are a lot of them and they have more money.

You shouldn’t have any problems opening your session in v7. Backwards compatibility is one of the rare features of Cubase / Nuendo. Once you save your session, it will show as a v7 file, not v8. Open your ‘Project setup…’ and change the length from the default 2 hours to whatever you need it to be.

Rolled back, had no issues. Even virgin territory automation displayed the same way even though technically VT is not a part of c7.

Actually, I tried this for the 1st time yesterday.

I had 7.5.20 open on one screen, and 8.0.10 on another.

I highlighted & dragged 3 MIDI tracks, one at a time, from a 7.5.20 project over to a blank 8.0.10.

They landed just fine, [although for some reason, I couldn’t drag the 4th one I wanted over].

Anyway, only the recorded MIDI info itself was copied over - nothing about the track info, inserts, sends or anything else with it.
In the track section, the only thing that appeared beside each one was ‘MIDI’.

I suppose it would be different if I dragged the whole track over instead of just the MIDI recorded data, but I didn’t want that - not in this case.

So it did work - or at least 75% of it did. :unamused: