Backing up ALL settings, preferences, presets, AppData, etc - - - current AppData list incomplete/inconsistent

This should be able to be done so much easier, Steinberg should provide a management utility that looks like ‘Import Tracks to Project’, where a user could pick and choose which preferences to import/transfer.

Secondly, the AppData/Preferences list here > Preferences of Cubase and Nuendo – Steinberg Support

Is incomplete and inconsistent.

For example,
-‘MediaBay Favorites’ wasn’t even listed.
-Drumaps I’m pretty sure doesn’t exist, it’s up to the user to manually save them and reimport them per projet (they aren’t global)
-I can’t find where my custom ‘Plugin Collections’ organizational lists are

This is how the utility would work,

  1. Open up Cubase
  2. go to Preferences Import Utility
  3. User selects an AppData directory of either a previous version they’ve installed on their computer, or a backup directory they did
  4. A list of all the preferences available in that directory unfolds
  5. the user check marks what preferences they want to transfer
  6. Hit enter, Cubase asks, “Create Backup of Current Preferences?”, Yes
  7. Cubase creates backup to a described location and then reboots Cubase with the new preferences installed


Also in this utility should be Error Checking, because sometimes these .xmls become corrupt during crashes and a huge amount of data gets dumped into them which then results in either Cubase not being able to start, or best case scenario, very slow to start.

For example, one crash I had resulted in my controlroomsetup xml to becomes some 800mb in size.


Missing from list:

-Track Pictures, actual picture file location
-Track Pictures, internal Cubase ‘Track Picture’ feature settings (referencing those pictures)
-VST Thumbnail pictures, actual picture files
-VST Thumbnail pictures, internal Cubase reference

I’m positive I’m missing some others

-VST3 presets - in the Steinberg guide it says:

VST3 presets (included with the program) In the application folder under \VST3 Presets as *.vstpreset file
VST3 presets (public, for all programs) Win: C:\Users<user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets
Mac: \Library\Application Support\Steinberg\Track Presets as *.vstpreset file

But for me at least, this is actually incorrect. My VST3 presets appear in ‘My Documents’>‘VST3 Presets’>‘Plugin Company Name’>‘Plugin Name’

FX chain Presets, VST Thumbnails, Strip Presets, and PadShop Samples appear in ‘My Documents’>‘Steinberg’

It’s only Track Presets that appear in AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Track Presets

So, not sure why there is a location discrepancy in utilizing both My Documents>Steinberg/VST 3 Presets and AppData>Roaming>Steinberg>Track Presets???

It’s clear though this guide needs to be updated and more thorough

@steve pointed out in another thread that ‘pluginmanager.xml’ is where ‘plugin collection’ lists are stored,

so ‘pluginmanager.xml’ is another missing from the Steinberg guide

Agree completely. I had to make a document reminding myself of which xlm docs need to be saved and from where. And also which does what etc. And then remind myself to do backups and date and organise them all. It all seems a bit much work like I’m having to be a car mechanic or something.
I can only imagine what newbies would make of having to manage all this. I’m sure other daws don’t have all this under the hood maintenance shenanigans

What would be the difference between doing this individually and using the OS built-in backup to back up the User Settings Folder? (It’s not designed to be managed like this.)

To be clear, this FR should simply be, Documentation – update help center documents

could be different set ups in which you want some things same and others not. like laptop vs desktop.

but also, sometimes those xmls get weird and get corrupt data dumped into them until they are 500mb in size and then Cubase doesn’t load.

And to just bring everything to one focal point. My Documents, AppData>Cubase, etc into one housing, and then when re-importing you are breaking things out of that housing back to their individual spots. theres so many spots and things.

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I think this is what Profiles were developed for, but I haven’t played with that much.

Doesn’t help that the manual doesn’t explain what it does - does anyone know?

But, Profiles

oh well, that’s not what I got linked to. guess the 11 manual is improved

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Here is the list, what does it save.

Also missing from Steinberg list/guide:

-Direct Offline Process Favourites

As well as

Order of Direct Offline Processing favourites