Backing up Projects

Gday All.

When I want to backup a project that I have, do I just locate where the song/project is saved to. Click on the folder that has the little Cubase logo against it and copy over to my external hard drive? I know this is probably a super newbie question but Id appreciate any help.


That does work, but then you have some possible housekeeping issues once you get there. If it has the same name, you have to tell it to replace. If you happen to work on more than one project that day, then you have to repeat that with each project, and make sure you file each one in the correct folder.

There are some 3rd party programs that have 1-button click saving of everything to the correct folder/subfolder on your external drive. I use one called SyncBack Free (by Two Bright Sparks). I like the ability to just click once at the end of the day, and not have to worry about all that other stuff. It obviously takes a little setting up to start, but after that it’s pretty mindless … which is what I need at the end of a session!

Hi Alexis.

Thanks for the reply and the info. I certainly love the sound of the third party thingy as I feel exactly the same as you at the end of a session, just one click and it’s done sounds great! I presume during setup you just point it to the drive of choice (external or otherwise) and it saves all the info you need to retrieve, in case of a major crash?..happened once before…devastating!


Exactly as you describe. :slight_smile: