Backup and Restore of MIDI presets and Media Projects

G’Day, Cubasis newbie here.

I need to know how I can backup and restore MIDI presets and Media Projects on my Samsung Tab A7.

Having looked through the folders (“/android/data/com.steinberg.cubasis3/files”) I can’t see where either the MIDI presets or Project Files are kept.

So, any tips or tricks would be most welcome. For it would not go well in a performance if I had to reprogram everything on the fly!

Paul from Oz

Mixdown to midi?

Hi @terop,

Thanks for your message.

You might also check out the MediaBay chapter of the Cubasis help to find more tipps how to backup your data:


Thanks CJ_Monster, I’ll try that.

Thanks LSlowak,

But the trouble is that after creating several MIDI presets over the last few days there is still nothing in the “files-Cubasis 3-MIDI” folder.

Just wondering, then, where they are saved.