backup issue

Every time I want to backup a session a have error pop up, should I TRASH preferences or something like this?
Also I have a project than always crash cubase when I close it, what can i do? I’t;s the only one and I’ts a big cue fro, a work, I want to know if is there any possibility of fix it…

Cubase 6.5.4 mac pro 10.7.4 (64 bits)
Kontakt 5 and Omnisphere.

Thanks in advance


Aloha T,

Not sure how you are backing up
but here is an approach:

Since your work for each project is in it’s own folder (he posted hopefully)

1-just drag that complete folder to another location
and ‘bob’s yer uncle’.

If the new location is on the same hard drive as
the original folder, hold down the ‘option’ key
when you drag to make a copy.

2-Or drag that folder to a mounted external drive, a networked computer,
cloud storage etc etc (No need to hold the option key)

The main thing is: and I cannot stress this enough,

or you are gonna lose something valuable.

Trust the old guys on this.


I did it, but I like the backup option because with this you can take only the linked audio files.
I don’t know why after moving to 6.5 it stops working…

Thanks any way!

Pablo Pol